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Attract Better Patients

Build rapport before they walk in the door. We make sure that people get to know you the way they should. High-quality videos from Tooth Media will show potential patients who you really are in an engaging way and establish your credibility. The result of our work is always the same: you will get MORE new patients.


Set Yourself Apart

Dentists all look the same to the average person, but you are NOT all the same. How can you stand out from the crowd with the same, boring old text on your site? Custom, engaging videos from Tooth Media will let people connect visually and emotionally with you, attracting better patients, doing cases you want to do!


Engage Prospects with Video

Guess what? Nobody reads boring website text anymore. Putting engaging, high-quality videos from Tooth Media on your website or social pages will increase the chance of front-page Google search results by 53X! Google rewards good content with higher page rankings, and there’s no better content than video.


here are some samples of our work...

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Meet Your Production Team

we make dentists look good



Chief Video Maker Guy

Collin is the man behind the camera who weaves visual stories like a Persian rug. “4 out of 5 dentists agree, I don’t need 5 dentists.”



Web Jedi Knight

Matt is the web developer Jedi Knight. He has a PhD in computer science, speaks more programming codes than Jason Bourne, and plays a mean banjo.

Bark Vader

Bark Vader


Bark Vader is the workhorse behind Tooth Media. He gives the final woof if a project looks good. Also, HUGE proponent of K9 tooth brushing.



Production Assistant

KC is our production/editing assistant, 2nd camera &  graphic designer for Tooth Media. He has a cat named Edward Scissorhands and does a spot-on George McFly impression.

As a new dentist with a brand new clinic, I knew I needed something to help me stand out from the other local dentists. We hired Collin at Tooth Media to make a promo video for our main website and he did an amazing job! He was professional, fun to work with, and everyone loves our video! Before hiring Collin, our office was doing $250/hour in production and seeing 10-15 new patients/month.  After putting Collin’s video on our site, we now see  3o+ new patients a month and are doing over $1,000/hour in production! I couldn’t recommend this more to dentists!

– Tooth Media Client, General Dentist

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We make custom videos for dentists and other health professionals who want to stand out from the crowd and make more money. That’s it.

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Why Do Dentists Need Videos?

If you’re a dentist, orthodontist, or other health care specialist, you know how tough it is to stand out from the crowd. There are other dentists on the same block, across the street, or even in your same building.

You’ve invested $100,000’s into your education, your practice, your staff, the latest technology, you offer the most-up-to date procedures, but still you’re not making the money you want to be making, or KNOW you could be making.

You’ve thrown money into any and all types of advertising, tried every gimmick, maybe even paid a consultant to show you what you’re doing wrong, but still you’re not as busy as you want to be.

Well, you need great videos. And we here at Tooth Media specialize in making videos that make you stand out from the competition.

Dr. Thompson

People right now are deciding which dentist or specialist to call and the problem is every single one of you look the same.

How can they feel comfortable knowing they’ll like you, trust you, and get the best care from you from a blah blah blah website with boring old text? Guess what. NOBODY reads text anymore! You’re probably not even reading this…

A custom promotional video package from Tooth Media will showcase you, your staff, your office and build that trust with your future patient before they even walk in the door. Our clients see HUGE lifts in new patient flow, case acceptance, and make more money.

Also, did you know that with proper optimization, videos on your site increase the chance of front-page Google results by 53x!?  (Forrestor, Jan 2010) So not only will you build rapport with potential clients looking for a dentist, you will get more phone calls simply from the video’s boost to your SEO rankings!


Custom Video Production Packages

Doctor & Clinic Welcome Video: 3-5 minute HD custom video highlighting you, your clinic, your staff, and up to 3 patient testimonials. 1-full day of shooting onsite, doc interviews, all put to modern music. We shoot you OUTSIDE of your office too–hanging with your family, mountain biking, skiing, dirt-biking, doing yoga on a paddle-board, to “humanize” dentistry and help viewers connect with you.

Social Media & Review Site Videos: it’s not secret that review sites like Yelp! and Google Reviews play a huge roll in people’s decision to choose a new dentist. We can shoot a 30-sec optimized-for-web highlight videos to drive new patients from review sites.

Procedure Videos: do you provide more than basic dental hygiene? 6-month Smiles, Invisalign, Implants, Sedation, All-on-4, 1-day crowns? There are potential patients who need your services but sit at home fearful because the procedures have never been explained to them, and coming into your clinic is daunting. Set yourself up as the expert in your area for these procedures and drive new case starts.

Patient Testimonials: do you have raving fans? Let your patients sell your services for you! Quality, personalized testimonials to put on your website or Facebook Page will bring more new patients in the door. Dentistry has always been about word-of-mouth, and patient testimonial videos create social influence to drive new patient referrals.

Staff Highlights: do you have the best staff on the planet? Do they go above and beyond to make you successful? Show them how much they mean to you with a fun Staff Hightlight video showcasing each team member in a fun interview video.

Patient Spotlights: these are basically patient testimonial videos on steroids. We follow on of your best patients around and shoot a documentary-like lifestyle video of them talking about how your services changed their life.

Professional Photography: do you need to update the photos on your site? Tired of the same stock photos every dentist uses? Guess what…so are consumers. We’ll include professional headshots of each team member, doctor, associate, team photos, and high-resolution photos of you and your office to use on your website, print marketing, social media, etc.

“You REALLY need to raise your prices! You beat every single production company’s quotes we got, and your end product blew our minds! You Nailed it!” -Tooth Media Client

For a custom price quote, please contact us   collin@toothmedia.com



see what we're up to

Desert Ridge Dental – Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Tim Rauch flew me back to Albuquerque to film an updated office welcome video as he has expanded his practice to a 2nd dental office and brought on an associate, Dr. Spencer Morgan. As always, we had a blast on shoot day, snuck in a couple quick family photo sessions, and ate Mrs. Rauch’s famous pan-seared filet mignon. Tim is the coolest dentist in town, does incredible work, and his patients love him.

I shot a welcome video, 3 patient testimonial videos, a “Meet the Docs” video, and a 6-Month Braces video that their office specializes in. Always a fun time in ABQ. Deseret Ridge Dental is the place to be.

Apex Endodontics // Nashville, TN

Apex Endodontics reached out to Tooth Media wanting a video to highlight their booming practice as well as their incredible doctors. As Dr. Locke said, “Nobody wants to see the dentist, especially the “root canal guy”. My goal was to create something modern, fresh, engaging as well as comforting and peaceful to counter the typical stigma with ‘oh that’s as painful as a root canal!”

The entire Apex staff was thrilled with the end product and excited to put it on their homepage and use it as a tool to recruit referring dentists in the Nashville area. Filmed on location, traveling to each of their 4 locations, it was a busy shoot day, but I got a chance to ice skate on the Nashville Predators practice ring and that was quite the experience.

30-Second TV Dentist Commercial by Tooth Media

Dr. Peter L. Thompson is a raving fan of Tooth Media and asked us to come back to Portales, NM to film a full-production 30-second TV commercial. Pete already markets heavily via direct mail, email, radio and billboards, but has yet to tap into the TV market. After bouncing some ideas off Pete, we decided to let his work speak for itself. Michelle is one of his raving fans; she had full-implants with a beautiful new smile. We filmed on location in Portales and put this together.

Dr. Peter L. Thompson DDS, Portales New Mexico

Dr. Thompson is a thriving dentist in the small town of Portales, NM close to the New Mexico/Texas border. He hired me to come out and film his office, some patient testimonials, but I had to get shots of the cool little town to add to the story as well. He and his staff absolutely loved the end result, their front office manager said the staff watched it “over 100 times…I even cried!”

Dr. Thompson is aggressive in his marketing to attract new patients. He does lots of direct mail, SEO, billboards, and radio ads. Bringing a visual cinematic piece with videos/TV commercials has been huge for his practice.

He was so happy with the video hired me to come out in August to film a TV commercial for his practice. It will go live in the Fall.

Dr. Andrew Olsen DDS promo

Dr. Olson hired Tooth Media to help get his name out in the Logan, UT market. Only in practice a few years, he realized he needed a unique way to show potential patients who he was, get to know him, and understand the different procedures he offers beyond fillings and crowns. Dr. Olson has been trained in implant dentistry and did some amazing full restorations.

He loved his video, saying “You made a boring dentist look like a rockstar!”

Business is picking up and video is the best way to showcase who you are and build rapport before they step in the door.



Neighborhood Smiles ABQ // Dr. Tim Rauch

Tim flew me out to his practice in Albuquerque, NM, called “Neighborhood Smiles” wanting to shoot a funny web-commercial (still editing) and this promotional piece. His dental office wasn’t like any I’d been in before, it felt more like a day-spa. Bright colors, great feng-shui, it didn’t even smell like a dentist office. We shot everything over 2 days, even snuck in a quick photo shoot of his family in the evening. I’m heading back in June to film 2 new associates Tim is bringing on, he’s got some big plans for growth.

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